To download this software you have to follow these steps.

1)      Download the File from the following link.  Install this file.  Its size is about 190MB.  Once the file is installed it’ll not create any icon on your desktop

http://downloa download/6/0/f/6 0fc5854- 3cb8- 4892- b6db- bd4f42510f28/dot netfx35.exe.

2)      Download the Software from the following link. (For Cyber)

3)      Double click on it.  This will ask you for the username and password.  Send me the following information to create your user for this application.

Post your 1st entry or if you already working on the assignment then

a.       Forum No.

b.      URL

c.       Assignment No

When I get the above information your user will be sent to you via email.

Use that information to login and complete your assignment



The cost of this software is very low.  If you want to try it you can post 500 entries without paying advance.  If you like it then you have to pay to continue.

No Of Entries


3000 to 4000

300 Rs

5000 to 6000

500 Rs

8000 to 10000

800 Rs


Per Month (Unlimited Assignments): 1000 Rs only for Cyber data entry

Per Month (Unlimited Assignments): 1500 Rs only for E-Biz data entry

Software Video:


 To view the live demo please visit this link.


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